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Author: Yaco Zaragoza

Ionic using Oauth retrieve and manipulate data, help needed

code in dog provider -> public getAuth(): string { let final_token: string; var form = new FormData(); form.append("username", "");- form.append("password", "randomPass"); form.append("client_id", "1"); form.append("client_secret", "my_secret"); form.append("grant_type", "password"); var settings = { async: true, crossDomain: true, url: "oauth/token", method: "POST", headers: { "...

How decompile .apk files database For malware detection?

Can we decompile database of .apk file? If yes then which tool we use for decompile database for malware detection? How decompile .apk files database For malware detection? How decompile .apk files database For malware detection? test {$excerpt:n}

Store Data from formatted text file to Linked List c++

I’m working on a Project @Student Course Registration System, I’m having problems Reading From a Text File and storing it in Singly Linked List, which gets updated every time a new student is added. The Data is stored in an formatted way. The Problem is my Struct has type “char” variables, so it gives me as Assignment Error. Following is my code: struct Code: struct Student...

Secure the jquery ajax calls not to show the data

Source code contains one master js file in which i am calling some APIs using jquery ajax. problem is i need to secure them as anyone can see the whole code url and token etc so i need a way to secure or encrypt that part or js. Please provide me any code guidelines or anything for this ASAP Any free library to tool Secure the jquery ajax calls not to show the data Secure the jquery a...

Creating and displaying data in iText 7 for .NET Table

It should be simple enough: public void WritePartsPdf(Document doc) { Table table = new Table(2, true); foreach (var part in PartsList) { Paragraph name = new Paragraph(part.PartName); Paragraph length = new Paragraph(part.Length.ToString()); var cell = new Cell().Add(name); var cell2 = new Cell().Add(length); cell.Add(cell2); table.AddCell(cell); } doc.Add(table); } However my paragraphs are dupl...

Using controller concerns to hide logic

I’m building an e-commerce application that implements the active_record-acts_as gem to create a traditional inheritance hierarchy between Product (the parent class) and all of Product’s subclasses (ie Book, Furniture, etc..). Context I’ve successfully setup the generic/polymorphic (like) ProductsController to handle the creation/update of any subclass of Product, which looks som...

is there a way to wait get response from fastAndroidnetworking finish to load spinner?

i have a problem when i get data from a RestApi(using fastAndroidNetworking) beacuse after get data i put it in a local database (using room) to load spinner data from this, but spinner finish load whitout set data. is there a way to wait that get response finish before set data? here is my code example:enter image description here enter image description here is there a way to wait get res...

What is use & benefit of using with (nolock)

What is use & benefit of using “with (nolock)” here: select grp_number from profile P with (nolock) Thanks in advance, Nishant What is use & benefit of using with (nolock) What is use & benefit of using with (nolock) test {$excerpt:n}

Limit string on excerpt

I have in WordPress a Post with this excerpt Name<br /> Surname and with get_excerpt();?> show in a page Name Surname I need a modification code for <?php echo $this->get_excerpt();?> to sho the excerpt ONLY before <br />, so <br /> is the character to limit the string. Like this code that do not work list($firstWord) = explode('<br />', $string); Limit s...

How to know if Daylight Saving Time was on a specific date in javascript

I am developing an web based interface for users that are based in UK. Currently we are saving times in GMT in our data base. But on the front end the user is entering UK date time that needs to converted to GMT. But the problem comes in conversion. So what I want to do is develop a function in Javascript that determines on a given date if daylight saving was on or not. I am currently working with...

Android remove Shadow from Tab in TabLayout

I got a custom TabLayout with custom Tabs. The TabLayout is higher then the Tabs. Is there a way to remove the shadow above the tab? Android remove Shadow from Tab in TabLayout Android remove Shadow from Tab in TabLayout test {$excerpt:n}

Django chain filtering results based on selected manytomany fields

I have the following models: class Country(models.Model): name = models.CharField(max_length=50) class State(models.Model): country = models.ForeignKey(Country, on_delete=models.CASCADE) name = models.CharField(max_length=50, null=False, blank=False) class Species(models.Model): name = models.CharField(max_length=50, null=False, blank=False) country =models.ManyToManyField(Country) state =models.M...

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